Heathermoon Enchantments Spellwork by Luna.

Spells and Enchantments are powerful magickal workings that effect desired change. People for thousands of years have been using such methods to bring their desires to life. When you have exhausted all of your possibilities asking the spirits for help can be a useful and powerful way to manifest what you need.




Luna’s Specialties are:

 - Love and Relationships
 - Reconciliation
 - Financial Matters
 - Money Drawing
 - Success
 - Court Work
 - Protection
 - Uncrossing/ Reversal Work
 - Hex Removal
 - Banishing
 - Binding


Luna will not do spells that are for revenge.




Before any spell work is done a spiritual consultation with Luna is mandatory, this is not a psychic reading per se, think of it as a sharing session between you and the spirits with Luna as your guide.  Luna must divine and consult with the Ancestors and Spirits before she can determine the best course of action for you at this time. In doing so she can offer you the best solution to your issues at hand; there are occasions that these spell workings are not required or would work against your goal at this time. Divination gives you access to information you may not have had, and can strengthen the process.



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Examples of the Spellwork done

by Heathermoon Enchantments:


Spiritual Consultations are $30 for a half hour and are required before spellwork will be done.


The Examples:

 - Basic Honey Jar Spell $75 for a Full Moon Cycle Working (1 Month)

 - Basic Poppets or Doll baby Spell $100 for a Full Moon Cycle Working (1 Month)

 - People Candle Spells $75

 - Skull Candle Spells $75

 - Love Binding Doll Babies Spell $100

 - General Candle working determined by consultation can vary in price from $50-$150

Please respect this offering when making requests.


Please email requests to thepsychicluna@gmail.com




Luna sometimes requires that a client do some "homework” or follow special instructions, like reciting certain prayers, etc. This homework by the client is a necessary part of some spell workings and can strengthen the spell with your personal energy. If you are given such work to do it is mandatory for the spell to reach its full potential. You will be given clear instructions and no homework will be so hard you are unable to do it.


Magick is never guaranteed, but it can move mountains when it works! An ethical practitioner cannot guarantee all spells will work. To give such a guarantee would show little understanding of the essence of the work itself.  Medical and Legal professionals cannot guarantee that their interventions will always work, but they give their best effort. In your case and every case Luna will do her best to achieve the goals set. She will make every effort within her magickal knowledge, ability, and more than 25 years’ experience to help the magick bring about your desire, wish or goal.

Positive movement of some kind or success is found in more cases than not, but again magick also requires belief and the person the magick is working for to have belief in the magick and to make every effort to help the magick along, not to work against it. So if you are given instructions to follow  or “ Homework” to do please do so.