Series of Setting Lights 7 Day

Series of Setting Lights 7 Day

Series of Lights is the continuous burning of 7-Day candles for two or more days (a series of three is suggested). There is a two candle minimum for this purchase, if you would like only one candle please see other sale listings.

Please see additional information to see how you can place the order of the candle you would like.
  • How to Order

    Please email your need or petition. Should you need your petition written for you that can be done at no extra charge. Names, pictures, and any information that will be needed should be emailed to upon purchasing your candle.  Should you need to mail your information to Heathermoon Enchantments that can be arranged.  All information is kept confidential.


    Please also add how many candles you would like in the quantity field within the cart.

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