Small Bath Salts

Small Bath Salts

These salts could be considered a Spell for the Bath. Use a small amount, (a little goes a long way in Magick), to draw the needed energy to you.

Heathermoon Enchantments Magickal Bath Salts are made with the finest ingredients. The salts we use are organic and are the highest quality. You will find Himalayan, Dead Sea, Hawaiian Lava, and African Pearl amongst the kind of salt ingredients we use. We also use the highest quality herbs and oils in our salts.
These Salts are prepared, prayed over and charged in a ritual along with being Reiki-charged, by Luna.

You can use a small amount in the bath tub and soak to draw needed energies, place some on wash cloth and shower pulling energies up to you; they also make great additions to floor washes, and door washes, maybe you want to add them to a mojo bag you’re creating. There are many uses for our bath salts.
Which Salt?
  • Caution

    Please use caution if you have allergies, are pregnant or nursing. These salts contain oils and herbs that may cause reactions in some. If you have allergies you can purchase the plain bath salts that are charged for need and have no added oils or herbs.

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