Magickal and Reiki-Charged Bracelets & Anklets

Magickal and Reiki-Charged Bracelets & Anklets

Luna will divine which beads are best for each situation and hand-craft the perfect piece just for you. The basic beads that they do come with are described in the particular offerings.

Magickal Enchanted Bracelet & Anklet Types:
Love Drawing - with Rose Quartz and Hearts
Prosperity and Protection - with Tiger’s Eye and Citrine Crystal
Money Drawing - with Amazonite
Weight Loss Bracelet - with Unakite

Bracelets come in sizes 6.5, 7, 7.5, or 8 inches.
Anklets come in sizes 9, 9.5 10, 10.5,11 inches.
  • Anklet Extra Info

    The anklets have either a toggle clasp, lobster claw clasp, or are stretch to take on or off.

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