Heathermoon Enchantments Magickal Oils by Luna.

Magickal oils, sometimes called Condition oils or Ritual oils are used to dress candles, anoint mojos, amulets, & petitions. They are used in spell work, added to baths, floor washes, used to anoint poppets/dolls, persons, objects etc.


Each oil is hand crafted by Luna and comes from her personal Book of Shadows. These are her signature blends and are not mass produced. They are made conjure style and are made with the finest essential oils, herbs, roots, resins, and magickal curios. This oil takes time to prepare and is conjured only during the appropriate Lunar Cycle.






Magickal Oils List:

  • Show me the Money – Money Drawing

  • Four Leaf Clover – Good Luck

  • Better Business

  • Crown of Success

  • Powerful Love Attraction

  • Lover Come Back

  • Lucky Hand Oil – Gambling luck

  • Luck Be A Lady

  • Come to Me - Attraction

  • Flames of Desire – Lover/Passion Attraction

  • Rainbow Love ( Pink Triangle)

  • Fertility

  • Safe Travel

  • Evil Be Gone! – Ward off Evil/ Protection

  • Uncrossing – Jinx /Curse Removal

  • Banishing

  • Binding

  • Separation

  • Angel Blessings

  • Peace

  • Communication

  • Purification

  • Win at Court




Special General Purpose Oils List:

  • Psalm 23 Spiritual

  • Very Special Lucky Friday 13

  • Special #20 Conjure



Goddess Ritual Oils

Ritual Oils are used to anoint candles, tools, spells, and can be used in ritual baths, waters, blessings, etc.

These oils have been dedicated to the Goddess energy and are not mass produced and made from the finest herbs, roots, resins, and curious.

They are made by Luna and charged and dedicated in a very special ritual with the appropriate Luna timing.


  • Hekate Queen of the Witches

  • La Madama Ancestors Calling

  • Yemaya Mother of us All

  • Santa Muerte Most Holy Death

  • Pele’s Passion

  • Kwan Yin’s Comfort

  • Saint Martha’s Grace

  • Saint Barbara’s Courage

  • Triple Goddess Reflections

  • Erzulie’s Open your Heart






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