Heathermoon Enchantments Mojo Bags by Luna.

Mojo Bags are also known as Spell bag, Gris Gris, Conjure Hand or Toby. They are little spell bags you can carry or leave in a safe place that will attract the needed energy to your life.


Each Mojo bag is created by Luna, think of her as Witch Mixologist, divining all the right ingredients to put into your bag and concocting the perfect spell. Each bag may contain herbs, roots, resins gems, oils, and other curios. Each bag is prayed over and charged by Luna from start to finish.




Authentic Mojo Bags


You get one mojo bag along with complete instructions for use as well as one dram of oil to feed bag.

Authentic Mojo Bag List:

  • Money/ Prosperity Drawing

  • True Love Calling

  • Fiery Passions

  • Protection/Ward off Evil

  • Safe Travel Protection

  • Find a Job

  • Successful Business

  • Lucky Gambling

  • Healing



Very Special Personalized Enchanted Mojo Bags

Your mojo will be dressed with special beads and charms along with beautiful ribbons, and feathers. As always each bag is prayed over by Luna from start to finish and charged in a special ritual just for you.



If you need a mojo that is not listed above, please select Special Circumstance Bag and we can discuss your concern/purpose.


Personalized Enchanted Mojo Bag List:

  • Show Me the Money!

  • Money Magnet

  • Better Business

  • Crown of Success

  • Four Leaf Clover

  • Maneki Neko Lucky Money Cat

  • Luck Be a Lady

  • Gonna Get Me That Job

  • Come to Me/Attraction

  • Bring Me That Man

  • Lover Come Back Reconciliation

  • Rainbow Love (Pink Pride Triangle)

  • Passionate Kisses

  • Animal Magnetism (Lust)

  • Get Out of My Life/Be Gone

  • Hot Foot ‘em Right on Out of Here

  • Protection/Ward Off Evil

  • Safe Travel Protection

  • Lucky Horseshoe Protection

  • Hex Be Gone/Uncrossing

  • Angel Blessings

  • Peaceful Home

  • Fertility

  • Open Communication

  • Wisdom of the Ages (Better Grades)

  • Win at Court

  • Healing




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