Heathermoon Enchantments Candle Magick by Luna.

Setting Lights is also known as Candle Altar Work and is a traditional Conjure or Hoodoo Practice that is done by Hoodoo Practitioners, and Root Workers.

It is a Magickal endeavor that is a simple, yet powerful spell that is done by the practitioner on behalf of the client. Magick can cause change to occur and conform to will. Belief is the foundation of all magick!

Each candle is fixed and set with the highest quality oils, herbs, roots, resins and curios. The greatest care is taken in the preparation of your candle.

The Light can be set for 1, 3, 7 or 9 days determined by the client’s need. Most candles are worked for 7-9 days.  For the duration of the altar work, the client’s petition will remain under the candle and the candle will be worked, or prayed over by Luna.


How the candle is doing or the signs it presents will be documented and divined over and you will be sent a report when the candle is done on how your candle did. Pictures can also be provided of your candle when it is first set on altar.

Please email your need or petition. Should you need your petition written for you that can be done at no extra charge. Names, pictures, and any information that will be needed should be emailed to
thepsychicluna@gmail.com upon purchasing your candle.  Should you need to mail your information to Heathermoon Enchantments that can be arranged.  All information is kept confidential.







One setting of a candle will usually bring some positive progress or movement to a situation, but on occasion it is necessary to do additional work. A good practitioner will be able to divine and watch the signs of the initial setting to see if further ones are necessary. 

There is a principle that states three days for a sign, three weeks for progress or shift, and three months for conclusion. This is a measure, it can take less or more time accordingly.

In some instances, if the signs that present are negative or there is a lack of movement on the petition at hand, this could indicate that there may be obstacles in the way that need to be dealt with before you can achieve your goal, and there may be times that you must accept your will not achieve your goal.

Magick is never guaranteed, but it can move mountains when it works! An ethical practitioner cannot guarantee all spells will work. To give such a guarantee would show little understanding of the essence of the work itself.  Medical and legal professionals cannot guarantee that their interventions will always work, but they give their best effort. In your case and every case I will do my best to achieve the goals set.  I will make every effort within my magickal knowledge, ability, and more than 25 years’ experience to help the magick bring about your desire, wish or goal.

Positive movement of some kind or success is found in more cases than not, but again magick also requires belief and the person the magick is working for to have belief in the magick and to make every effort to help the magick along, not to work against it. So if you are given instructions to follow please do.



Heathermoon Enchantments
Charitable Candle Ministry for those in Crisis


For those who are in crisis and cannot afford the setting of lights, you may request a small candle dressed with Holy Oil, set for them. No report or pictures will be sent back for this service. 

This is a free, complimentary, charitable service that is for those who have true hardship only! 

Petitions of love, revenge and the like will not be done. This is for those in *urgent* true need! 

Please respect this offering when making requests. Please email requests to