Heathermoon Enchantments Amulets by Luna.

Magickal Amulets have been used for millennia and are among the most ancient forms of magick used. These charms contain magic within them that convey power and energy to the person they are intended for.


Each of these amulets is hand-crafted and prayed over by Luna from start to finish. They are also magickally charged in a special ritual. These amulets can be charged for a specific person or family etc. Because each of the amulets is hand-crafted they can vary slightly due to availability of beads, curios, etc.






Heathermoon Enchantments Amulet List:


  • Nazar Protection Amulet
    This Evil Eye Amulet is made from a real blown glass Anatolian Nazar.  This amulet also contains Czech glass beads, & natural stones.

  • Selenite Healing & Balance Chakra Amulet
    Amulet is made from a large piece of Selenite healing crystal, 2 special Chinese amulets as well a Czech glass beads.

  • Sacred Merkaba Spiritual Protection and Transformation Amulet
    Merkaba or Star-tetrahedrons are made by the intersection of two, three-sided pyramids.  They aid in spiritual transformation and help to form a spiritual shield around the holder. Ka=spirit, Ba=soul.
    Amulet is made with a crystal Merkaba stone, and contains beads including Czech glass beads. This amulet also has a pentacle on top. Pentacle represents the four elements and spirit and is a protection amulet.

  • Hotei Prosperity Buddha Amulet
    Amulet is made with a Jadeite Buddha along with prosperity stones, beads, Czech glass beads, and other amulets. It is made with the energy of the Hotei ( Budai) Buddha, he is admired for his happiness, plenitude, and wisdom of contentment. Popular folklore maintains that rubbing his belly brings wealth, good luck, and prosperity. He is also known as one of the Seven Lucky Gods (Shichi Fukujin) of Taoism.

  • Kwan Yin Compassion & Love Amulet
    Amulet made with Kwan Yin, Heart, and Chinese Amulets. It also has beads, Czech glass beads and natural stones. It is charged to bring love, happiness and compassion into your life and your relationships. Perfect for a home in need of energy changes, will bring positive attitude and vibrations, can also help attract new love.

  • Power of Love Heart's Desire Love Amulet
    Amulet is made to attract your True Love or Soul Mate, deepen or strengthen a committed relationship, or bring you your heart’s desire. Completely hand made from fabric, beads, crystals and curious. Luna will divine to see which herbs, crystals, curious, etc. will be used inside your heart to personalize it and make it uniquely and magickally yours.

  • Heal and Keep My Love Protection Amulet
    This amulet is rare and special, Devil Pod "Heal & Keep My Love" Protection Spell. They are uniquely charged to bring healing energy to any strained love relationship, and protect it from outside interference, such as break up spells, other lovers, and medaling relatives or friends, jealousy and negativity. Maybe your spouse has strayed, or your boyfriend's ex is back. This amulet can help keep positive love, and protection energy surrounding you and your lover.  It will come fully charged and with instructions for use. It can be hung up discretely in one's home, over one's bed, or carried in a pouch.





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