Merry Meet and Welcome to Heathermoon Enchantments!

Heathermoon Enchantments is a  home-based Witchcraft and Conjure Service business run by Luna Hacker, a practicing Witch for over 20 years, who resides in the picturesque Hudson Valley, NY.

Heathermoon Enchantments offers a wide array of Witchcraft and Conjure Supplies and Services. 
Authentic Magickal Wares include such items as hand-crafted Conjure Oils, Candles, Mojos, Amulets, Smudge Kits, Magickal & Reiki charged Bath Salts and Ritual Waters; as well as high quality Herbs & Curios, to name just a few.
Luna Makes Enchanted Jewelry such as Earrings & Bracelets that make great gifts.


All items created by Luna are made during the correct moon phase and
are charged in love and light in Sacred Ritual Space.


This shop specializes in Witchcraft and Conjure Services such as Setting Lights and Spellwork. Spellworkspecialties include but are not limited to Love, Money, Protection, & Healing.

Heathermoon Enchantments offers Altar services, Honey Jars, Poppet Spells, Candle Magick, Mojo Bags, and Amulets. Looking for other services or have special needs? Just ask!

Luna is a gifted professional psychic who offers Intuitive and Spiritual Psychic readings over the phone, Skype, and in person. She has regular clients from all walks of life who reside all over the world. All readings are kept confidential.

Privacy is important to Heathermoon Enchantments! Your confidence is kept. No information is shared. All purchases, spellwork, readings, and healings are kept confidential. 
Thanks for stopping by and please come in and stay for a Spell!!!

Brightest Blessings!!!